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Gift Wrap Design Levels


Simple Wrapping with One Ribbon

Starting Fees

Small (jewelry/coffee mug): $12     Medium (shoe/shirt box): $15     Large (boots/bathrobe): $20     XLarge (TBD): $25+



Elegant Wrapping with Two Ribbons or Two Wrap Paper Designs with Embellishments


Starting Fees

Small (jewelry/coffee mug): $20     Medium (shoe/shirt box): $30     Large (boots/bathrobe): $40     XLarge (TBD): $50+

The Suite Way! Concierge Experience

This full-service gift curation level provides all the amenities we have to offer!

Includes: Gift sourcing, wrap design, materials & and embellishments; custom gift tags, and shipping to client or gift recipients

Design services are sophisticated and customized.

The best quality wrapping paper & and materials such as luxurious double-faced satin or grosgrain ribbon, and

embellishments such as rhinestone trim, pearls, beads, feathers, and much more!

Concierge experience fees start at $50+ for any gift size PLUS per gift wrap costs

Shipping paid by the client (included in final invoice) * Consultation Meeting Required

A $40 non-refundable deposit is due to begin the wrap project.

Design consultative services are provided in person or via a Zoom virtual meeting.

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